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About the Day Labor Program

The DLP works to empower both day laborers and domestic workers in San Francisco. The program was born in 1991, from day laborer leaders who were looking to solve problems between day laborers, SF Police, and Mission residents. Since its inception, the DLP has continued as a democratic organization where day laborers and domestic workers engage as full citizens and leaders– operating their organization and determining through vote the program’s political priorities and activities. We combine services with community organizing, education, and leadership development to help workers take action to solve the problems they face. In organizing immigrant workers and providing them with a safe space, the program becomes a launching board for low-income workers to become economically independent. At the same time, it brings dignity to a group of extremely vulnerable and exploited workers; the DLP’s members are proud of themselves and their work and their employers and larger society treat them with respect and understand them as equals who deserve equal rights.

To learn more and hire workers:


About La Colectiva

The Colectiva is a San Francisco Bay Area-based collective of Latina immigrant women, and was formed in 2001 by a strong and dynamic group of predominantly undocumented immigrant women domestic workers. The Colectiva formed to create a space where women could help each other find jobs, receive training, identify community resources, and learn about legal developments in immigration and labor rights. The Colectiva seeks to achieve economic and social justice for Latina immigrant women regardless of their immigration status.

To learn more and hire workers: http://www.lacolectivasf.org/


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