March 14, 2013,


My name is Emiliano Bourgois-Chacon, the Program Coordinator at the SF Day Labor Program & Women’s Collective (DLP), and I am excited to invite you to become more active in the DLP! To get started, it’s important that you know we ask of all volunteers the following:

• 3 month commitment
• A minimum of 4 hours per week

Over the course of three to four months, you can have a profound impact on the success of our mission and the lives of our members.

Ways to Plug In:

Help in our office to dispatch jobs to our members, teach English classes, work one on one in the mornings with day laborers, and help conduct interviews and outreach with both member and non-member day laborers in the Mission district.

Learn about the daily work of talking to employers, dispatching jobs to our members, and helping to receiving member questions and concerns. Please email myself (Emiliano@dscs.org) and Kira Cummins, our assistant site manager, at kcummins@dscs.org, to rsvp!

volunteer child-care providers, interpreters and translators, and young women who can work alongside La Colectiva’s staff and members to help them type letters, resumes, grant applications, photograph during their events, and otherwise support and work alongside them. If you are Spanish fluent please contact Guillermina Castellanos at gcastellanos@dscs.org and introduce yourself in Spanish to work directly with La Colectiva.

Day Labor News: We are also looking for support in our newspaper project, with editing, translation, distribution, and in helping members write stories and investigate issues to publish in our member/volunteer written Day Labor News. Please contact Pia at pia_ex@hotmail.com

If you have special skills and/or interests, please speak to Kira and I, and we would love to build a special project with you for the program!

Perhaps the most critical part of bringing in new volunteers is that we connect our members to you and to our larger, mainstream society. By dedicating your time to the DLP, you will be working with an extended family and community whose mission is to assert human and immigrant rights.




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